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Under the Government  approved clean energy scheme, any homeowner who takes part in this scheme and put Photovoltaic Solar Panels on their property will enjoy a Tax Free return on their investment. In the current economical climate, if you were to put the same amount in the bank or building society as oppose to investing it in solar panels system the most you may earn would be between 1 - 3% per annum over the next few years. You also would have to pay tax on your return which is usually deducted by your bank and building society before they apply the credit to your account.

However, if you invest your hard earned cash on Solarcorp PV solar panels then you may achieve an outstanding return of 8-10% on your investment. What makes it even more exciting is the earning you receive on your investment is completely Tax Free for the next 20 years. Now here are a few questions we would like to ask you:

If you have answered yes to all the above question then please get in touch with Solarcorp now either by telephone or email and one of our energy advisors will be happy to explain the Government approved clean energy scheme in more detail. There is very limited window of opportunity until April 2011 for you to get the maximum benefit of this government approved clean energy scheme. So if you have the means to get Photovoltaic Solar Panels system installed on your property then you may be wise to act now.

Be smart and achieve the following by investing in Solar Panels system now!

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