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Go Solar And Make Guaranteed
Tax Free Income

Make clever and tax-free income for the next 20 years by going solar. You need a home with preferably south facing roof with no obstruction; and you could be on your way to making 6-8% return on your investment year in year out for the next 20 years. And to make the investment more interesting, your income will most certainly grow each year as it is index-linked to inflation.

Solar panel system will most certainly deliver better return than many

long-term investments in the

current economical


Why get solar panels on your roof?

There is no better time than now to squash your electricity bills and protect you
against the predicted 400%
price rise over 10 years

• Increase the value of your      property

• The Feed-in Tariff generates   a guaranteed income for you   for 20 years

• No moving parts in our solar   panel system, so virtually   maintenance free

• Generate FREE Electricity